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Replenishment underway at Roosevelt Inlet

Some progress has been made so far, but the project will expand the beach a little farther east.

Posted on January 1, 2024

Crews are hard at work restoring the beach at Roosevelt Inlet in Lewes. The $4.9 million project will add 104,000 cubic yards of material from the inlet to an area between Iowa and Missouri avenues.

After a summer that saw beachgoers squeezing into tight spaces, especially during high tide, the wider beach will be a welcome sight when visitors return next summer.

The project is expected to be completed in mid-January.

Crews are pushing sand Dec. 28 as part of a replenishment project at Roosevelt Inlet in Lewes.

Sand is being pumped ashore from a barge a few hundred yards offshore.

It may not look very smooth right now, but when complete, the beach will be nice and wide.

Sand is pushed onto the beach as the dredge pumps offshore.

Sand is flowing onto the beach from the offshore dredge.


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