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Reflecting On Flash Floods In West Papua, Teluk Wondama BPBD: No Equipment, Needs Excavators And Chainsaws

Residents' houses in Wondama Bay after the flash flood on the evening of May 29-30.

Posted on July 1, 2024

WEST PAPUA – Banda Aceh has hit Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, since the evening of May 29-30. The local District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) admitted that it was difficult to deal with the natural disaster.

The Head of BPBD Wondama Bay Aser Waroi highlighted the management of the watershed (DAS) which is thought to be the trigger for the flash flood.

“So far, the management of the watershed in Wondama has not run optimally because of the limited equipment owned by the Wondama Regency Government. As a result, flood disaster mitigation efforts, for example by routinely dredging river materials, repairing damaged river embankments and other forms of handling cannot be carried out optimally,” said Waroi. when contacted, Tuesday 31 May.

Due to the various limitations that exist in Wondama, he said, emergency response efforts when a disaster occurs are also hampered.

According to him, BPBD Wondama now needs heavy equipment and other supporting equipment to carry out emergency response efforts after the flash flood two days ago.

“How can we handle and mitigate if there is no equipment. So we need equipment support such as excavators, loaders, chainsaws and others. We really need that because we really really need to manage these rivers well,” Antara reported.

He hopes that the West Papua Provincial Government and the central government can support disaster management in Wondama, especially in terms of river management which has been the cause of flooding.

Moreover, many large rivers pass through densely populated urban areas such as in Wasior, Wondiboi and Rasiei.

“We need help from the central government because Wondama is prone to disasters, especially floods. Many rivers reach the city so that at any time there can be flooding. But if you expect from the regional government, it’s impossible because the budget is limited,” said Waroi, who is also the acting Assistant I of the Wondama Regency Government.

Chairman of Commission C DPRD Teluk Wondama Remran Sinadia supports the local BPBD’s proposal to procure facilities, especially heavy equipment for flood and post-disaster management.

“BPBD must have heavy equipment such as excavators so that if there is a flood like this, it can be immediately moved to dredge the river. If you have to wait to borrow more equipment, it will take a long time and not necessarily ready. We at the DPRD encourage BPBD to have heavy equipment,” said Remran.


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