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Prosecution warning follows Laois demands for river dredging to stop floods

River dredging

Posted on November 1, 2023

Demands by Laois councillors to urgently dredge rivers to stop floods last week, has been followed up with a reminder by the authorities of the potential damage and prosecution that can follow for unlawful dredging.

Laois councillors had claimed that river clearout of silt and overgrowth actually boosts instead of damages biodiversity. Read that story below.

Inland Fisheries Ireland has responded to the claims to remind all of the laws, in the following statement given to the Leinster Express / Laois Live.

“Responses to flooding and climate concerns require a broad perspective that incorporates all stakeholder views, for the benefit of people and the wider landscape.

“Any amendment to a river, or its environs, has to be executed in a manner that’s mindful of biodiversity, fish, and habitat protection.

“Dredging can have a negative impact on biodiversity and aquatic habitats and is often counter-productive.

“Unauthorised in-stream works can be prosecuted under relevant legislation.

“Landowners should seek all necessary information from their advisors, and from Inland Fisheries Ireland, before carrying out any works near, or on, a watercourse adjacent to their land.”


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