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Progress Made on Ortley Beach Repairs: Here’s What It Looks Like

Repairs underway before Memorial Day 2023 in Ortley Beach, N.J.

Posted on May 22, 2023

More than $300,000 in repairs to Ortley Beach’s oceanfront is underway, and some beach entrances have reopened as work progresses in a south-to-north direction.

Last week, crews from Earle Asphalt staged heavy equipment on the beach and began trucking in sand and moving it along the beach berm to create a more natural slope to the dune. In some areas – especially near the former Joey Harrison’s Surf Club site – erosion from storms dating back to the fall caused “cliffs” to form that, in some cases, measured about 10-feet in height.


Repairs underway before Memorial Day 2023 in Ortley Beach, N.J.

So far, after a week, most of the neighborhood’s dune slopes have been restored, however beach entrance repairs have been fully completed up to 9th Avenue. The entrance at 8th Avenue is nearly complete, though fencing has yet to be laid and snow fencing along the dune line is sitting in “bales” along the the beach, ready to be stretched across the sand to protect the dunes. The 7th Avenue entrance remained closed on Thursday.

Of the entrances and crossovers that have been repaired, workers installed new fencing along the crossover paths, smoothed the slope of the dune and replaced sections of “Mobi-Mats” which had been ruined by storms.

Officials expect the work to continue into next week and be completed by the start of the beach season, if not by the upcoming Memorial Day weekend holiday.


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