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Port of Rotterdam supports Curaçao industrial zone redevelopment

Posted on July 8, 2024

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has announced it will contribute to the redevelopment of the lands owned by the state-owned company Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK).

In addition to traditional uses, these lands will be used for several new future-proof sustainable economic activities.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is seconding a manager for this purpose on request of RdK who will lead the team responsible for redevelopment and attracting new business.

In 2023, the Council of Ministers of Curaçao decided that not all the land previously designated for the refinery would be used for refining purposes. Instead, the freed-up land and installations will be redeveloped for sustainable industry.

RdK is collaborating with the Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) in this redevelopment. The total site consists of approximately 250 hectares, located near the port of Schottegat, and the associated terminal at Bullenbaai.

RdK wants to develop a mix of activities here, focusing on, among other things, three sectors; renewable energy and raw materials, food and light industry, logistics and port operations.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority works with several port and industrial zones worldwide and has been involved in developing the Port of Curaçao for some time. The secondment stems from this relationship and is part of the wider collaboration between the government of the Netherlands and Curaçao, with experts and scientific knowledge being shared in the fields of wind energy, green hydrogen, solar energy and energy storage.

The secondment of Sander Rijsdijk, currently responsible for Industry & Bulk at the Port Authority, is for two years with the option of an extension.

Last month, as part of a European Union-funded CEF Study project, the Port of Rotterdam, in partnership with the municipality of Rotterdam and several port partners, undertook four feasibility studies for shore electricity.

More recently, the Port of Rotterdam announced that container cargo from Africa, the Middle East, India and Pakistan will only be collected via the Secure Chain in the Port of Rotterdam.


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