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Port of Montreal to invest $247m in infrastructure

The Port of Montreal has earmarked more than $247m in its new five-year investment plan for its infrastructure on the island of Montreal as the port approaches its full container handling capacity.

Posted on February 27, 2023

The investments by the Port of Montreal are aimed at developing and sustaining port infrastructure to accommodate the growth of trade, strengthening the supply chain, accelerating decarbonisation, and improving the city-port interface.

Last June, the Port of Montreal received new hydrogen-powered equipment as a green alternative to reduce gas emissions.

The Port of Montreal wants to invest $7.4m in projects aimed at improving the cohabitation of logistics activities with the urban environment.

The projects planned for the next five years in Montreal include the optimisation of electrical substations, which will enable the port to meet the growing demand for electrical energy. Other projects include the optimisation of rail capacity, with the addition of 6km  tracks to improve the fluidity of rail transport and storage space, and the modernisation of wharves to accommodate ships in complete safety.

“We want to invest for the future of the logistics chain from the east of Montreal, for its durability, its efficiency, and its harmonious integration into the urban fabric. Our biggest challenge will be to decarbonise our economy and supply chain,” said Martin Imbleau, President, and CEO of Montreal Port Authority (MPA).

The Port of Montreal will invest, with its private partner and the support of governments, in the port expansion at Contrecoeur to ensure that the infrastructure will be sufficient for importers and exporters throughout Quebec.

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