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Port of Antwerp-Bruges: Progress made on container delivery process based on identity

Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Posted on December 21, 2022

The terminals on the Antwerp port platform are further preparing themselves to implement Certified Pick up, the container delivery process based on identity rather than PIN codes.

In the context of a digitally secure port, the implementation of Certified Pick up is one of Port of Antwerp-Bruges’ priorities. Certified Pick up brings users more transparency about the delivery process of a container. Customs status is an important factor in this.

In recent months, the port has been working hard with the port community, customs, NxtPort and Port of Antwerp-Bruges to improve and extend the quality of the customs light of a container (CCRM).

We have thoroughly tested the forwarding of the customs light messages and solved technical hick-ups together with customs step by step

Furthermore, additional reporting and the development of port equalisation provides more transparency and makes the process operationally more efficient. Thus, the customs status of a container can be proactively monitored by multiple parties including shipping companies, forwarders and transport operators.

The new transparent customs light will be available during the first quarter of 2023. After a transition phase, the light will eventually become mandatory to be able to take containers away from the terminal.

Different partners in the supply chain handle the import process of a container differently. To achieve an optimal digital process, standardisation is needed.

We mapped these different import processes and their settlement and established a uniform way of working. This was necessary to digitise the process and make it more efficient. These processes will soon be available as manuals and best practices

Certified Pick up is currently in operation at PSA’s terminals (Q 869 and 913). DP World Antwerp Gateway and MPET will follow shortly.

In addition, just about all shipping companies are connected and we are taking the final steps to make the release for truck operators go smoothly.

We developed extra functionalities in the user interface to adjust larger volumes in one go. In the next phase, we will also implement this for inland shipping and rail

Before this development, the EU Commission announced it will grant Air Liquide, Fluxys Belgium and Port of Antwerp-Bruges €144.6 million for the construction of shared CO2 transport and export facilities on the Antwerp port platform.

The project, named “Antwerp@C CO2 Export Hub”, is set up as an open-access infrastructure to transport, liquefy and load CO2 onto ships for onward permanent offshore storage.


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