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Polish port of Gdańsk records highest freight handling increase in EU

Posted on December 10, 2023

In 2022, the Port of Gdańsk, located on the Baltic Sea coast in northern Poland, recorded the highest seaborne freight handling increase among all European docks, Eurostat, the EU stats office, has reported.

Compared with 2021, the number of tonnes handled in 2022 increased by 40% in Gdańsk, Eurostat wrote on Tuesday.

According to Eurostat, the total gross weight of seaborne freight handled in Gdańsk in 2021 amounted to 45 million tonnes, while in 2022 it totaled 63.1 million tonnes.

Gdańsk came ahead of Bremerhaven in Germany (42.7 million tonnes) and Barcelona (57.4 million tonnes), Eurostat wrote, adding that the Polish port had also come closer to Marseille (66.9 million tonnes).

In 2022, the total gross weight of seaborne freight handled in all EU ports was estimated at 3.48 billion tonnes, which was an increase of 0.8% compared with 2021 (3.45 billion tonnes).

The Netherlands remained the largest maritime freight transport country in the EU in 2022. Dutch ports (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Zeeland) handled 565 million tonnes of goods (up 9 million tonnes compared with 2021), which was 16% of the total volume of seaborne goods handled last year in the EU.

Rotterdam in the Netherlands (427 million tonnes), Antwerpen-Bruges in Belgium (254 million tonnes), and Hamburg in Germany (103 million tonnes), all located on the North Sea coast, maintained their positions as the EU’s top three ports in 2022.

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