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Permits for sand, gravel and concrete pit south of Odessa approved as I-80 project ramps up

The commissioners considered a special use permit for a sand, gravel quarry and a portable concrete production pit to be located at 77 Odessa Road

Posted on April 24, 2024

Special use permits were approved for sand, gravel portable concrete production pit and concrete storage site south of Odessa by the Buffalo County Commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday, April 23.

The permits are related to ongoing I-80 construction projects between Elm Creek and Odessa.

The commissioners considered a special use permit for a sand, gravel quarry and a portable concrete production pit to be located at 77 Odessa Road, south of I-80 and north of the Platte River.

The permit was submitted by Kelly McCoy of Paulsen Inc., of Cozad, on behalf of Pamela Kim Triplett.

There was also a special use permit submitted for a crushed concrete processing and storage site at the same address which had been submitted by Jay Spoerer of Sporer Land Development of Oakley, Kan.

McCoy appeared before the commissioners and noted they were requesting four years of operation for the portable concrete production pit and indefinitely for the sand and gravel operation.

It had been noted during the Buffalo County Planning Commission meeting that the main concern of neighbors in the area was protecting the wetlands in the area and the wildlife that calls it home.

McCoy said they would locate the concrete production pit near the highway for easy access. He noted Paulsen would be the concrete supplier for the I-80 project.

I-80 at Odessa with traffic being diverted due to construction

The next to appear was Ryan Chrisman with Sporer Land Development, who will be the project manager. He said they are seeking to stockpile crushed concrete at the site and then remove it for use.

He noted the would use Wildwood Road for access, which is the county is in charge of maintaining. Chrisman said they would help to maintain the road with crushed concrete, as the road is in poor condition, and this will aid truck traffic.

The commissioners voted to approve both special use permits.

Also, during the zoning partition of the meeting, Jacob Reiter of Olsson appeared on behalf of Steven and Michelle Reiter for an Administrative Subdivision, Reiters Corner.

Reiter said he was appearing on behalf of his parents, who are seeking to sell around 150 acres of farmland but retain a portion of their property that includes a windbreak to the east of the home.

The commissioners approved the administrative subdivision.

Mitch Humphrey, a licensed land surveyor, appeared on behalf of Eric and Heather Roubicek who had filed an application for a final plat of the Roubicek Subdivision.

Humphrey said the preliminary plat had been approved by the county’s planning commission and the final plat would ultimately divide the division into two lots. The commissioners approved the final plat.

A hearing was also held for an amendment to a special use permit that had been submitted by Larry Wells with Foothill Farms, LLC, for a 385 guyed tower northwest of Elm Creek.

Wells said they intend to install a communications tower at the property, but the lack of available contractors to complete the project has caused them to request an extension on the start of the project start date.

The commissioners voted to approve a 120-day extension.


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