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Pass-A-Grille Beach nourishment starts

Posted on June 5, 2024

PASS-A-GRILLE BEACH, Fla. —Pinellas County began nourishing Pass-A-Grille Beach on Monday, after Hurricane Idalia wrecked much of the coastline last year.

“One storm can wipe out the entire dune south of us, all the way back to the parking lot,” said Dr. John Bishop. “So, if we don’t replace this regularly, it will go away.”

Bishop is the Coastal Management Coordinator for Pinellas County. He said the two-phase, four-month project is necessary, even during the summer travel season.

“This project really has to happen now,” Bishop explained. “It may be peak season but it’s also before the hurricane season, so we need to try to get as much protection out here as we can prior to the next storm season. This is supposed to be a very active storm season, so I think this is very well timed.”

While businesses along Pass-A-Grille will stay open, portions of the parking spots and beach from 1st Avenue through 22nd Avenue will be closed at times through October.

“It’s because of those visitors that continue to come visit our beaches,” said Brian Lowack, President and C.E.O. of Visit St. Pete-Clearwater. “That we can invest those tourist development tax dollars into keeping our beaches pristine.”

The nourishment will cost about $6 million, coming from tourist tax money.

“So the money is truly well spent when we reinvest it into these beaches,” Lowack said. “Not only for our visitors but also for our residents.”

The plan is to take a combined 150,000 cubic yards of sand from the Grand Canal Dredging Project and the Pass-A-Grille Inlet and bring it to the beach.

“Maintaining our beaches is a process, it has to be redone every ten years or so,” Bishop said. “I think that the beaches to Pass a Grille are vital, it’s sort of what draws people to this area.”

The county said it was aware of sea turtle nesting season through October and is working with local organizations to monitor and relocate nests if need be.


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