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Offshore Maritime Labor—GO Marine Services’ Jody Broussard ​on How Outsourcing Can Mitigate Risk

Jody Broussard, Managing Director at GO Marine Services USA

Posted on April 3, 2024

GO Marine Services Managing Director Jody Broussard talks with recruiter Heather Mequet about how using a third-party contractor recruitment firm for supplemental  staffing and direct hire placement can help mitigate maritime risks.

Jody Broussard stands out as a visionary leader in the realms of operational management, strategic planning, and human resources, bringing over twenty years of experience to his role as the Managing Director of GO Marine Services in Lafayette, Louisiana.

His career is distinguished by a relentless commitment to excellence and an innovative approach to leadership, highlighted by his ability to foster superior performance metrics and enhance cross-team collaboration. Notably, Broussard’s expertise in leveraging technology, such as building massive CRM databases on the Salesforce platform and conducting daily data analysis, demonstrates his dedication to continuous improvement and quality management.

Additionally, his certifications, including being a Notary Public, Remote Online Notary, and an Insurance Fraud Investigator, alongside his service as a U.S. Army Veteran, underscore his multifaceted skills and commitment to excellence across professional and personal endeavors.

Throughout his diverse career, Broussard has exemplified a deep commitment to improving human conditions, taking on pivotal roles in project management with a focus on community support, including impactful work on COVID-19 response initiatives.

His strategic leadership in the successful development and implementation of the COVID-19 Community Support and Contact Tracing project for Hub Enterprises Inc., and the Vaccine Provider Ambassador Program, highlights his exceptional ability to manage complex projects with a focus on public health, patient privacy, and compliance. These efforts reflect his unwavering dedication to the welfare of communities and his understanding of the critical importance of accountability and privacy in healthcare.

Broussard’s journey is a testament to his innovation, determination, and leadership in driving change and fostering progress within organizations and communities. His significant contributions to GO Marine Services, Talking People Business, and previous roles demonstrate a visionary approach to operational excellence and human resource management.

As a recognized figure in the maritime industry, Broussard continues to inspire through his commitment to creating better human conditions and leveraging technology for systemic improvements, making a lasting impact on every organization and community he serves.

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For GO Marine Services’ new Senior Recruiter Heather Mequet (pronounced “Mee-Kay”), it was just the challenge she was looking for when she noticed the job opening and quickly applied.  When she met GO Marine Services’ new Managing Director Jody Broussard, a respected leadership coach and team builder, she knew she was where she needed to be.

“Basketball legend Michael Jorden once said ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,’”Broussard reflected.  “Heather embodies this spirit through her exceptional blend of experience, intelligence and collaborative skills.”

“A good company culture is essential to successful recruiting,” Mequet said.  “Our contractors are independent professionals who decide where they want to work, so creating a workplace that respects everyone’s contributions is the key to making GO Marine Services their top choice.”

For Mequet, who was accustomed to processing and recruiting hundreds of applicants at a time in her previous roles, the chance to narrow her focus means she can spend time finding more qualified candidates and giving the GO Marine Services contractors she ultimately hires the onboarding experience they deserve.

“So many companies talk about creating a great workplace,” she added, “But GO Marine Services is actually doing it.  I feel proud and inspired to know our values here are more than just a PowerPoint presentation.  They’re also something we’ll be actively working to represent to ourselves and others throughout the year.”

In her previous position, Mequet served as regional talent manager for a large multi-national company, for which she handled the entire Gulf States region with recruiting, training and employee development services.  Prior to that was her first experience in the marine industry as a recruitment specialist, a job in which she created labor pools for multiple marine positions and handled routine contractor screening for compliance and certifications.

When she’s not at work, Mequet enjoys health-related activities like physical fitness and nutritious cooking for her husband and their two sons.

Her top New Year’s tip to motivate others into being the best they can be?

“When you’re taking care of your own mental well-being, you can perform your best in other areas too,” she said.  “Make sure you pour into your own cup, so you can pour into other areas in your life that need both your attention and your full presence.”

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Interview questions:

Q1. Can you give us an overview of GO Marine Services, emphasizing the unique role it plays in the maritime industry and the specific needs it addresses?

Q2. How does outsourcing, particularly using third-party contractors and recruitment firms for direct hire placement, help mitigate maritime risks?

Q3. What makes specialized contract labor critical in the sectors you serve, and how does GO Marine Services ensure the quality and reliability of your workforce?

Q4. The maritime and energy sectors are rapidly evolving. How does GO Marine Services stay ahead of industry trends and adapt its services to meet emerging needs?

Q5. Safety is paramount in the maritime and offshore sectors. Can you discuss GO Marine Services’ approach to ensuring the highest safety standards for your workforce and operations?

Q6. Collaboration is often key to success in complex industries. How does GO Marine Services work with clients and partners to achieve mutual goals?

Q7. As we conclude our discussion, what is the vision for the future of GO Marine Services, and how do you see your role evolving in the maritime and energy sectors?

GO Marine Services is a premier provider of catering personnel, roustabouts and general labor services to the marine, offshore wind and oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast.  Based in Lafayette Louisiana, GOMS understands how important qualified and competent service contractors are to their clients, and to the morale of an operation.

They pride themselves in providing experienced individuals who strive for excellence. All individuals are trained and screened to meet or exceed industry standards.

GO Marine Services is currently enrolled in ISNet World and PEC.  All training certifications and drug screen information available in ISNET, PEC or upon request.

All individuals are transported from the GO Marine Services operations office in Lafayette via company vehicles driven by qualified individuals to ensure prompt and prepared arrival.


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