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NIS 2 million allotted to Kinneret beach restoration

View of Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), northern Israel

Posted on April 19, 2023

NIS 2 million has been The Union of Cities on the Kinneret is working on a project to restore the western shores of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret), according to a Sunday announcement.

A major storm in May 2022 damaged a considerable amount of the Kinneret’s western beachfront. Strong easterly winds struck at speeds of over 85 kilometers per hour and, combined with high water levels due to rain, devastated the Kinneret’s western edge.

Additionally, researchers are currently looking into the effects of the storms which drenched Israelis last week during Passover. The worst of it in the Kinneret region only lasted about 15 minutes; however, it was particularly intense and it came as a surprise. So far, they have found that due to the rushed departure of travelers, there is more litter than usual. Also, they found fallen branches and broken security cameras.

The Kinneret in context 

The Kinneret, whose waters Christians believe Jesus walked upon, is Israel’s main reservoir and a big tourist draw. Hotels and campsites line the perimeter encircled by lush hills. It feeds the Jordan River that flows south to the Dead Sea.

After a heat wave or strong rain, the level of the lake makes national news. Alarms went off regularly this past decade following protracted droughts and receding shorelines.

Israelis hike along the Golan overlooking a storm approaching from the Sea of Galilee near Kibbutz Mevo-Hama in southern Golan Heights on April 10, 2023.

Fatal weather conditions over Passover 

Israel’s recent bout of stormy weather proved damaging not only to the environment but also to the country’s population. Floods in the nation’s south turned unfortunately deadly.

Siblings Ma’ayan, 24, and Sahar Asor, 17, were identified on April 11 as the two people killed after being reported missing the day before due to heavy floods and strong winds across the south.

The siblings, residents of Tiberias, were en route to Eilat on April 10 before disappearing in the Arava region.

A third person who went missing alongside the siblings, Ma’ayan’s girlfriend, Shay Dahan, was found safely by Israel Police earlier on April 11.

They went missing after being swept up in their car around the Nahal Tsihor area on Highway 40, around 50 km. southeast of Mitzpe Ramon.



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