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New order for MOTAS Maximus® dredge ball joints

Posted on September 18, 2023

MOTAS Dredging Solutions has been awarded a new order for a series of bayonet ball joints. Received from one of our USA clients, who is looking to enhance the performance of his discharge pipeline system.

The 800 mm inner diameter ball joints are designed for 35 bar working pressure according to the MOTAS Maximus® concept and feature the unique double liner system giving it optimal wear resistance, as well as ease of maintenance.

The MOTAS Maximus® design allows a more balanced stress distribution throughout the component, providing reduced peak stresses and an increased strength in the joint. This improved joint strength then leads to higher reliability during dredging operations – while its lighter weight reduces the cost ratio associated with the product.

With our new design we have made significant improvements and taken the product to the next level” says Marco Menheere, Product Manager at MOTAS Dredging Solutions.


The MOTAS Maximus® ball joint design is developed in The Netherlands and available for pipe diameters in the range from 300 mm/12” to 1200 mm/47” and in pressure stages from 10 bars/145 psi, up to 45 bars/652 psi.

Due to the flexibility of the design, it can be equipped with several wear liner configurations.


  • Maximum strength
  • High quality cast steel parts
  • CNC machined
  • Tilting angle 15o or more


  • Multiple liner configurations
  • Weld-on or flange connection
  • Retained gland ring
  • Grease free bearing system

Customer assistance

For these and other wear resistant solutions, our experienced staff can help you to select the best materials and improvements for your project.

Contact us via telephone: +31 85 13 00 795 or e-mail:

About MOTAS Dredging Solutions

MOTAS Dredging Solutions serves customers world-wide with supply of (wear) parts and components, development, design and construction of dredging equipment and systems.

Figure 1: The fabrication of a first batch of the ball joints is finished at our facilities. Note the mounted pedestals for ease of logistics handling.


  • Dredge ball joint
  • High quality cast steel
  • CNC machined fit
  • QA/QC certified
  • Wear resistant
  • Working pressure up to 45 bar/652 psi.
  • Dredge components
  • Dredging system


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