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Need for Dredging Supply Channels of Ponnaniyar Dam, Say Farmers

Posted on November 18, 2015

By M. Balaganessin, The Hindu

Ponnaniyar Dam on the tri-junction of Karur, Tiruchi and Dindigul districts has been a gift to both farmers and nature lovers. Surrounded by a series of hills – Perumal Malai and Karunagiri Malai, the scenario presents a serene beauty, particularly during the onset of monsoon.

The dam, built at a cost of Rs. 1 crore during 1974-75, has a capacity of 120 mcft. Its annual storage is 240 mcft, water spread area is 313 acres, catchment area 33.60 square miles. The total dependable yield at site is 362 mcft. While the new ayacut irrigated was 1,830 acres the old ayacut was just 271 acres.

With the north east monsoon being active, the dam has been registering an appreciable rise in the level of water.

The fact that a large number of tourists from adjoining Dindigul district has been visiting the dam every week-end, speaks volumes about the tourism potential of the dam.


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