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MVR 7.8 billion spent on PSIP

The Government has spent MVR 7.8 billion on Public Sector Investment Projects

Posted on September 20, 2023

The Maldivian Government has spent MVR 7.8 billion on Public Sector Investment Projects (PSIP), by 07 September 2023.

According to the statistics publicized by the Ministry of Finance, the highest expenditure was made on projects related to the transport sector. As such, the state has so far spent MVR 2.5 billion on this sector; with MVR one billion spent on airport development projects, MVR 843.6 million spent on harbor development projects and MVR 593.8 million was spent on bridge development projects.

So far, MVR two billion has been spent on road development and land reclamation projects. As such, the state has so far spent MVR 1.04 billion on land reclamation projects and MVR 974 million on road development projects.

The government has spent MVR 981.8 million on water and sewerage development projects. This includes MVR 765.2 million on installation of water and sewerage systems in islands, MVR 151.5 million spent on water systems and MVR 65.1 million spent on sewerage system installation.

Ministry’s statistics show that MVR 602.1 million has been spent on housing and infrastructure projects.

The government has so far spent MVR 383.5 million on environmental protection projects with MVR 201.6 spent on coastal protection projects, MVR 143.1 million spent on waste management projects, MVR 25.3 million spent on water drainage systems and MVR 13.6 million spent on renewable energy projects.

The statistics go on to reveal that MVR 362.1 million has been spent on the education sector.

Statistics also show that MVR 267 million was spent on the social and religious services with MVR 152.8 million spent on sports development projects, MVR 61.1 million spent on social sector projects and MVR 53.1 million spent on mosques.

Furthermore, MVR 276.9 million was spent on health sector development projects and MVR 128.3 million has been spent on Fisheries and Agriculture projects.

Statistics show that the state has spent MVR 124.2 million on National Security and Public Order. As such, MVR 67.8 million was spent on police, MVR 32.9 million on court buildings, MVR 14.9 million on penitentiary, MVR 5.9 million on customs and MVR 2.6 million on rehabilitation.

Additionally, MVR 84.6 million has been spent on general administration projects, with MVR 60.6 million spent on office construction and MVR 24 million spent on development of councils.

The Maldivian Government’s expenditure currently sits at MVR 32.7 billion according to the Finance Ministry statistics.


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