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Mounts Bay beach nourishment project completed

Posted on March 12, 2024

THE Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority has completed a significant beach nourishment project in response to five decades of documented erosion in Apollo Bay.

Located on Eastern Maar Country, the Mounts Bay Beach initiative follows urgent beach renourishment efforts carried out last December, aimed at protecting the dunes from the damaging effects of storm surges and high tides.

This project has successfully replenished Mounts Bay’s beach, restoring about 11,000 cubic metres of sand.

It is expected to significantly mitigate the impact of coastal erosion and protect the area’s ecology and infrastructure.

The authority’s climate action and resilience manager Leia Howes said the works were urgent.

“Mounts Bay continues to experience significant coastal erosion, requiring immediate beach nourishment works to stabilise the dune system.”

She said the project was informed by an evidence-based approach which involved harvesting sand from a vegetated area south of Point Bunbury groyne.

“Beach nourishment is proven to be a consistent and effective approach, acting as the first line of defence to shield the area from storm surges.”

The initiative is a direct response to the high rate of coastal erosion in the area.

Drone imagery analysis, conducted through the state government’s Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program, had highlighted a concerning loss of sand, which spurred the authority’s response.

In collaboration with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, the Department of Transport and Planning, Barwon Water, and NBN providers, the authority is now developing a Coastal Adaptation Plan for the area.

This plan, in alignment with the Victorian Resilient Coast framework, is under development following recent community consultations.


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