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MOTAS delivers sand backfill system for Fehmarnbelt tunnel project to Neptune

Posted on September 6, 2023

MOTAS Dredging Solutions has recently delivered the complete component package for the 800 mm pipe diameter sand backfill installation for these works by the Femern Link Contractors joint venture (FLC).

The order was awarded by Dutch shipyard Group Neptune Marine who are the builders of the large spreader pontoon with crew accommodation and integrators of the backfill system.

“MOTAS Dredging solutions offers the complete backfill installation package. From concept design, engineering, fabrication, quality control and transport to installation supervision at the builders’yard”

The spreader pontoon and installation is designed for the accurate back filling of sand on top of the up to 200 meters long tunnel elements after their placement in the tunnel trench, reaching water depths over 40 meters. The system and components design reflect the special care paid to avoid damaging the elements. This immersed tunnel solution is of a unique scale in terms of length and water depth.

We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with the versatile Neptune Marine Group, for over 50 years known for their reliable, flexible and high-quality maritime solutions.

FLC is the joint venture in charge of the Design & Construction of the immersed tunnel, the tunnel portals and ramps for the Fehmarnbelt project.

Figure: Backfill system topside and hoist pipe mounted

Besides the design and engineering of this backfill system the package constitutes of construction and supply of the following components:

  • Dredging pipelines (on topside)
  • Dredging ball joint
  • Density and velocity meters
  • Overboard backfill pipe system with gimbal joint
  • Rubber discharge hose
  • Angle transmitter sensor
  • Approx. 30 tons Diffuser head

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Figure: Hoist pipe

Figure: Pipe line parts


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