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Mosolf restructures business and forms ports division

Mosolf’s Carcenter facililty at the port of Zeebrugge

Posted on January 8, 2024

Mosolf is starting 2024 with a group-wide restructuring designed to streamline existing finished vehicle services as well as forming a new division – Mosolf Port Logistics and Services (MPLS) – to focus on its activity in Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Zeebrugge.

That unit forms the third division of the restructured business. Alongside it, Logistics and Services is now responsible for vehicle deliveries from the factory to the end customer. It handles the release of vehicles post-production and the transport of the vehicles to the dealer network. The German finished vehicle provider has more than 1,000 special transporters and two inland ro-ro vessels in Europe to manage that. Other services provided by the Logistics and Services division include vehicle storage and customer handover, as well as retail services for car dealerships at more than 70 locations. The division also provides technical and repair services.

Mosolf said the Logistics and Services business unit is the result of a merger of three existing business units within the group.

“It became apparent that there were many overlaps within the range of tasks, but that some of the processes were more time-consuming,” said the company in a statement. “In order to make better use of these synergy effects, the units were merged and optimisation potential was exploited to the full. This means, for example, that in future all services can be offered at all locations, and mobile teams are also deployed at other partner locations.”

Mosolf’s Special Vehicles division continues as previously, managing the conversion and movement of commercial vehicles for security, defence, civil protection and disaster control, as well as for industry and municipalities. Mosolf also manufacutures mechanical and electronic components for the vehicles it converts for specialist purposes, and provides customers with technical and service support. Mosolf said it has now expanded the division to cope with a growth in orders from the sector.

Mosolf’s Special Vehicles division deals with commercial vehicles for security, defence, civil protection and disaster control, as well as for industry and municipalities

The formation of the third MPLS division underlines the importance of Mosolf’s growth of activity in port logistics. At Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Zeebrugge, Mosolf provides vehicle handling services for both importers and exporters, in addition to short-sea and deep-sea shipping. Mosolf also handles vessel loading and unloading.

“Mosolf Port Logistics and Services also gives us further opportunities for action and services in the dynamically developing automotive logistics sector in the maritime environment,” said Dr Jörg Mosolf, CEO of Mosolf Group.


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