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Moffatt & Nichol Announces Notification of General Information on Dredge Bid from the Town of Dauphin Island, Alabama

Posted on May 29, 2024


Aloe Bay Living Shorelines Project Notification of Upcoming Project

Notice is given to prospective Bidders that the Town of Dauphin Island, Alabama intends to advertise for bids by qualified Contractors to construct the “Town of Dauphin Island Aloe Bay Living Shorelines Project.” The following information is provided for consideration and general planning by prospective Bidders; however, the Town reserves the right to change quantities and project features as may be necessary to address site conditions at the time of advertising.

The successful Bidder will provide the dredge and support vessels, labor, equipment, supplies and all other materials and submittals to perform all operations for (1) excavating, transporting, placing, dressing and grading sand fill from nearshore borrow areas; (2) constructing nearshore, segmented rock (graded rip rap) breakwaters and installing associated geogrid composite and geotextiles, (3) a marina breakwater and walkway structure, and a submerged reef breakwater; (4) excavation of two tidal creeks approximately 150 feet each in length.

The presently estimated quantities include: sand to be excavated and placed is approximately 42,860 cubic yards, tonnage of rock to be placed for construction of the breakwaters is approximately 12,000 tons, the geogrid composite quantity to be installed is approximately 10,950square yards, and the geotextile fabric quantity to be installed is approximately 2,300 square yards. The marina breakwater and walkway structure is approximately 150 feet in length along the centerline and 30 feet in width and includes a 100 foot walkway component including: sheet pile wall around the core perimeter, rock revetment, sand core fill, and a bedding layer. The remaining 50 feet of the structure includes homogenous rock to reduce wave impacts for an existing boat ramp. The project site includes two shoreline restoration/fill placement sites (living shoreline sites) situated on the north side of Dauphin Island within Aloe Bay – one site is situated along the shoreline at the end of El Dorado Avenue, and the other is situated along the shoreline at the end of De Soto Avenue.The El Dorado Site extends for approximately 2,600 feet generally in the north-south direction along the shoreline situated between Village Channel and El Dorado Avenue, while the De Soto Site extends for approximately 2,000 feet generally in the east-west direction situated between the Jeremiah Denton Airport and the Village Channel. Suitable borrow sources have been identified within approximately 0.5 miles of each fill site. Water depths within the borrow areas range from approximately 2.5 to 5 feet, with the average depth being about 3.5 feet, although depths at borrow area entrances are approximately 5 to 6 feet. The thickness of cut proposed is 3 to 7 feet. Construction is expected to be performed by use of a small hydraulic pipeline dredge. Prospective Bidders are alerted to the existing shallow water depths surrounding the fill site. A mechanical (clamshell) or hydraulic dredge will be allowed.

Applications for State and Federal regulatory approvals have been submitted to the agencies and permits are expected to be issued in mid-June to mid-July of 2024 with construction to follow beginning in early fall of 2024 until the fall of 2025.

To ensure that all prospective Bidders are treated equitably, any questions and/or requests for further information shall be submitted in writing to Moffatt & Nichol, Inc., Mobile, AL (Attn: Gerald Songy- email:

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