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Minister Weyts awards prestigious ‘Sports Company’ label to Jan De Nul

Posted on December 6, 2023

Flemish Sports Minister Ben Weyts came today to hand over the 150th label Sportbedrijf to Jan De Nul. The label awards companies with an outstanding sports and exercise policy. Something Flanders is encouraging now that new figures show that more and more employees want to play sports and exercise. With its corporate well-being programme FIT, Jan De Nul has accepted the challenge and responded to the need.
More and more employees are keen on sports and exercise. This is shown by Sport and Exercise Scans taken from nearly 45,000 employees from 410 companies in recent years. The intention to exercise more increased from 74% in 2020 to 84% in 2023. Employees indicate that they prefer to exercise at work during their lunch break. Companies can respond to this by developing a sports and exercise policy and investing in, for example, showers and changing rooms. Flanders encourages all such efforts with the ‘Sportbedrijf’ label, which was launched last year.

At Jan De Nul, employees have been playing sports for quite some time. Over the years, employees have regularly been able to take part in sports activities. But in 2017, it really became clear that playing sports together and letting off some stress creates a bond.

That is why Jan De Nul’s management decided in 2017 to shape a corporate wellness programme: FIT. With a wide range of activities tailored to everyone, Jan De Nul encourages all its employees to eat healthier (Food), pay attention to everyone’s well-being (In Balance) and exercise (Training & sports).

150th label ‘Sports Company’, is for Jan De Nul
Today, Flemish Minister for Sport Ben Weyts awarded that FIT programme with the official ‘Sportbedrijf’ label. Jan De Nul scores excellently on the criteria that have to be ticked to obtain the label.

For the occasion, Mr Ben Weyts put on his sports shoes and tested out the FIT cup container during his visit to Jan De Nul, together with some employees. This way, the minister experienced first-hand how things work in a Sports Company.

Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister for Sport: “We want to give everyone as many opportunities as possible to move and play sport. Today, for example, many people in their thirties and forties do not get their sport combined with work and family. So we promote sport in the place where they spend a lot of time: at work. Sports in the workplace is a win-win. Employees become healthier and happier. Employers see improved productivity: staff members are less likely to drop out and feel happier within the company. Investing in sports facilities therefore always pays back double and more”.

Julie De Nul, CEO Jan De Nul Group: “We are delighted to receive this Sports Company label from Minister Weyts and thank him warmly for this confirmation of our efforts for the well-being of our colleagues. With our well-being programme, we invest in our greatest capital: our people. We have a wide range of functions at Jan De Nul – in the office, on board our ships, in the shipyards – and that therefore calls for a wide range of activities. For example, we have colleagues who run or sail races together. We organise spring and autumn walks, a family day and a Christmas market for charity. And for the mental well-being of our colleagues, we regularly organise live and online workshops. In this way, we not only make wellbeing a priority, but also create a close and engaged JDN family.”


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