Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi offered Danish shipping company Maersk Line to partake in the development of Patimban Port in Subang, West Java.

Minister Sumadi conveyed the offer when he invited the Danish Ambassador to Indonesia Lars Bo Larsen and representatives from Maersk Line to review the activities at Patimban Port on Friday.

“We offer Maersk Line and several investors from a number of countries to cooperate with International Patimban Port (PPI) that has been appointed as a private entity to develop Patimban Port. We want this port to develop rapidly,” he noted.

The minister expounded that cooperation with Maersk Line will offer several benefits since it is one of the largest shipping companies in the world that has the potential for transportation from Asia to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.

Sumadi made assurance to potential investors that Patimban Port has promising progress in the future.

“The port has been operating this year, with achievement above our target. Earlier, it was targeted to be able to transport 160 thousand vehicles, but now, it has transported 200 thousand vehicles,” he stated.

On the same occasion, Ambassador Larsen welcomed the offer from the Indonesian government and was impressed with the performance of Patimban Port.

According to the minister, Indonesia has recorded strong growth, especially in West Java and Central Java.

“Sea transportation is an important element in ensuring sustainable growth, and we are committed to working closely with the Indonesian government,” he remarked.

During the visit, Minister Sumadi invited Ambassador Larsen to monitor the transportation activities of 2,025 cars by Siem Curie Ship at the port that came from Singapore to the Philippines.

Sumadi later revealed that the construction of Patimban Port comprised three stages, with stage 1 consisting of two parts: stage 1-1 and stage 1-2.

The construction for stage 1-1 has been completed and will proceed to stage 1-2 in October 2022 and is targeted for completion in 2025.

Patimban Port is targeted to have the same capacity as Priok Port, which is 7.5 million twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEUs) of containers and 600 thousand vehicles per year by 2027.