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Minister Pisas and GMN officials survey storm-damaged beaches in urgent restoration efforts

Posted on May 8, 2024

Minister Pisas, who is also responsible for Agriculture, Environment, and Nature Affairs together with collaborators from the Ministry of Health (GMN), visited dams and took a tour of various beaches on the west side. In a press statement, the minister expressed deep regret at seeing beaches that had recently been repaired, partially destroyed again. The Ministry of GMN, which oversees Curaçao’s public beaches, recommends refraining from using any beaches on the west side for the time being. Minister Pisas stated that he will do everything within his reach to restore the beaches as quickly as possible. 

Firstly, Minister Pisas took note of the road to Santa Martha leading up to Coral Cliff. Here, the destruction caused by the overflow of water onto the road, which the Ministry of Transportation and Traffic (VVRP) was already working to repair, was evident. Then, they visited the beach of Santa Cruz, which had been partially destroyed by a large amount of water coming from the Kabayé dam and passing through the lagoon to the sea. Here, a portion of the asphalt road was also destroyed. They then proceeded to Lagun Beach, where they also observed damage caused by water flowing into the sea. Finally, they went to Kenepa Grandi Beach, where they noted similar destruction caused by a large amount of water flowing into the sea, as observed in the other beaches. 

The Ministry of GMN notified the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) advising against the use of the mentioned beaches until further notice. Using these beaches is done at one’s own risk. Despite the recent repairs to the beaches, Minister Pisas will do everything within his reach to restore these beaches. Kenepa Grandi Beach, which has recently won international awards, is always featured in international tourism websites and magazines, and efforts should be made to restore it to its former glory.


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