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M. Muli harbor development project well underway

M. Muli harbor development project

Posted on June 12, 2023

The harbor development project initiated in Muli island of Meemu atoll is well underway.

This was revealed by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

As such, taking to Twitter to update the public on the Muli harbor development project on Wednesday, MTCC revealed that they have completed the installation of concrete blocks required for quay wall construction. In early May, MTCC revealed that they had reached 55 percent progress on this component.

Currently ongoing at the site are the construction of the breakwater, pavement work and quay wall concrete work.

Under the scope of the project, MTCC is required to conduct dredging operations for the harbor basin, measuring an area of 33,888 cubic meters as well as dredging operations for a channel measuring 6,254 cubic meters.

The company will also be constructing a breakwater measuring 465 meters, a revetment measuring 89 meters as well as a 479-meter quay wall.

The M. Muli harbor development project will also see the construction of a bridge, three meters wide.

Under the project MTCC will also be installing navigational lights and harbor lights, alongside a harbor pavement measuring 2,730 square meters.

The M. Muli harbor development project is valued at MVR 61.8 million.


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