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Lt. Gen. Scott A. Spellmon, has signed the Malibu Creek Ecosystem Restoration Chief’s Report

Posted November 17, 2020

Lt. Gen. Scott A. Spellmon, USACE Commanding General and 55th U.S. Army Chief of Engineers, has signed the Malibu Creek Ecosystem Restoration Chief’s Report. Malibu Creek is located about 30 miles west of downtown LA. The project covers approximately 18 miles of Malibu Creek and tributaries to its terminus at Malibu Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. The project seeks to restore degraded ecosystem by removal of obstructions to fish passage for the endangered southern California steelhead trout; and restore natural sediment transport down Malibu Creek to downcoast areas. Obstructions will be removed along Cold Creek, Las Virgenes Creek, and the Malibu Creek mainstem, including Rindge Dam (a 100-ft high non-federal water supply dam that is no longer functional). Sediment removal (780k cubic yards) behind Rindge Dam will include both landfill disposal and beneficial reuse in near-shore habitat. The recommended plan is a Locally Preferred Plan and will restore approximately 525 acres of habitat at a cost of $279M ($532,000/acre restored). The signing of the report progresses the project to Congress for authorization. More information on this project from the Los Angeles District can be found here:

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