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Louisiana’s Comprehensive 2023 Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast

Posted on March 6, 2023

Fifty years from now, Louisiana’s coast will look very different. The state continues its commitment to implement restoration and risk reduction projects that will result in a vibrant and more sustainable coast for residents and visitors to enjoy. We recognize the challenges of natural and human-made change to the coastal environment and are proactively working to address them through this updated master plan. The implementation of large-scale projects represents a commitment to the people of Louisiana, to our cultural heritage, and to maintaining a viable working coast.

When thinking about the future, people in coastal Louisiana have many questions. What might the future coast look like? How will hurricanes impact coastal communities in the future? Will future generations get a chance to enjoy the communities, landscapes, and natural resources of our coast? Through a rigorous evaluation effort, the 2023 Coastal Master Plan provides insight into these questions. The master plan presents projections of the future coastal landscape and how factors like climate change and land use decisions may impact where and how coastal communities can thrive. But it does not stop there – master plan analyses provide a vision for a better, more productive future for our coast by proposing a robust suite of restoration and risk reduction projects to benefit every region.


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