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Living shoreline initiative taking on Eastern Carolina’s eroding coastlines

Shorelines are eroding across the country as sea levels continue to rise. Experts say living shorelines can help mitigate the problems.

Posted on March 27, 2023

On the Eastern Carolina coastline, a project creating defenses against erosion is happening Thursday.

The Swansboro Living Shorelines Project and the North Carolina Coastal Federation are encouraging them to help improve resiliency for the state’s highway infrastructure.

The shorelines are placed in shallow water and are made of a number of materials like oyster shells. These artificial breakwaters help slow wave energy and prevent erosion.

Thursday’s event will focus on three sites along N.C. 24 including the Swansboro project which is the first of its kind. The event will take place in the Bicentennial Park at 104 East Corbett Avenue in Swansboro at noon.


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