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Lincoln Township seeking grants for beach restoration

Posted on March 20, 2024

The Lincoln Township Board of Trustees has approved grant applications to restore Lincoln Township Beach.

At a meeting this past week, the board voted to apply for two grants to help pay for a major project at the park that suffered heavy erosion in 2020. The board is seeking $350,000 from the state Natural Resources Trust Fund and $300,000 from the state Land and Water Conservation Fund to build parking lots and other amenities.

Brandon Mieras with engineering firm Williams and Works tells us there will be 37 parking spaces spread across the access drive and two lots, one to the north and one to the south. All will be close to the shore.

That’s not all.

“Architectural improvements to the existing bathroom that’s in need of a roof, siding, those types of things,” Mieras said. “Rebuilding some walkways, touching those up. As I mentioned, benches, picnic tables, some of those amenities would be included.”

Right now, the only parking is off Notre Dame Drive, and park visitors have to walk quite a way to reach the beach. The plan is to reopen the access drive and construct the new lots along with a drop off area closer to the water.

Lincoln Township Supervisor Dick Stauffer says he’s optimistic about the chances of getting the beach back.

“Over a million dollars worth of improvements down there,” Staffer said. “There’ll be additional parking, a little picnic area, some bathrooms. Our beach will be back again. Mother Nature took it away from us and we’re going to replace it.”

The plan includes retaining walls to protect critical dune areas adjacent to the additions.

The township’s matches for the two grants would be $120,000 and $300,000, $363,000 of which comes from remaining federal ARPA funds. The rest has been saved up over the last few years.

The township should hear back from the state on the grants in the fall. Mieras said the county permits are in place, while the township is waiting on state permits.

Trustee Mark Florian asked local organizations, especially those that work with seniors, to consider submitting letters of support for the project to the state. Contact the township office to learn more.


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