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Lake LBJ community divided on proposed sand dredging operations

Posted on March 30, 2023

The Lower Colorado River Authority announced this week that an application on one of two sand and gravel processing plants on Lake LBJ is complete, after hearing from the public the LCRA decide whether to grant access to the lake.

Collier Materials Inc. has submitted four applications for permits on its proposed Kingsland I Sand and Gravel Processing Plant and Kingsland II Sand and Gravel Processing Plant.

The company’s applications state it wants to dredge the lake to collect sand and gravel with which it will process and turn into material eventually to be used to make things like cement.

The LCRA said only the application for the Kingsland II Sand and Gravel Processing Plant has been complete on the administration side of things.

Now, the matter is open for public comment to be submitted in person, online or by mail.

The LCRA said it may hold a public meeting on the application but a request from the public must be made for that to happen.

The people of Lake LBJ have already been outspoken on their opposition to the plant.

The group Save Lake LBJ is made of people who live along the lake and said it will disrupt their daily lives.

Sharee Kaspar has lived in Kingsland her whole life.

At nearly 70 years old, she said the two plants would interrupt the tranquility on the lake.

“It would destroy it with noise, pollution, and traffic through huge gravel trucks that would be hauling the sand away. There are lots of impacts, not only for people who live here but anyone who uses the lake and anyone that drives,” Kaspar said.


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