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Lagoon Dredging Project Continues in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Posted on November 29, 2021

So our neighborhood has some new sights in it, the site of dredging equipment as a dredging project in Southern Ocean County continues. This project in Little Egg Harbor.

Now I will admit I am not familiar with dredging and I do not live directly on a lagoon, but many in our neighborhood do live on various lagoons. It appears from doing some research that dredging may be needed to clean area lagoons, especially since the affects of Superstorm Sandy several years ago.

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Shawn Michaels

Taking a look at an article by the Sandpaper, dredging would help clean and clear area lagoons and add to home value along these lagoons. The dredging itself is expensive and once the debris (silt) is removed there is the question of where it should then be removed to. I cannot tell from the article whether all residents are on board for dredging so I would be curious to see what YOU think and have to say about then process. I have seen “we support dredging” signs around the area, are there those who do not support the dredging?



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