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KIPT prepares for port construction at Smith Bay in South Australia

KIPT’s Alan Braggs, centre, with MC’s Matt Haskett and Shane Fiedler

Posted on September 11, 2023

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers (KIPT) has signed a contract for the construction of the Kangaroo Island Seaport at Smith Bay in South Australia.

The contract partners in the Early Contractor Involvement Agreement (ECI), led by Maritime Constructions (MC) from Port Adelaide, include KBR and WGA, two global leaders in the field of civil and marine construction.

The ECI Agreement establishes an innovative Alliance Agreement model, under which the Contractor will build a deep-water wharf at Smith Bay, Kangaroo Island.  The Alliance Agreement itself will now be prepared under the ECI Agreement terms and conditions.

KIPT has employed experienced engineer Alan Braggs as its KI Seaport Manager to work directly with MC on the project and the associated agreements and contracts.

In another step forward, the company is also expecting submissions from a number of contractors expressing their interest for significant contracts for the provision of harvest and haulage services on island. This is essential to salvage the softwood logs, which are at most risk of deterioration if not harvested soon.

Mr Lamb welcomed the Federal announcement last week of the $10 million Salvage Storage Fund – Securing Forestry Resources for Economic Recovery.

He said the fund, to help in establishing storage facilities for bushfire-affected timber, was timely for KIPT as its salvage harvest loomed, and could benefit Australian mills.

KIPT still awaits approval for its Kangaroo Island Seaport export facility.

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers is Australia’s only listed timberland company. It manages a wholly-owned portfolio of hardwood and softwood forestry plantations, growing on former agricultural land on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.


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