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Jenkins Marine: Back to the Dredge!

Posted on November 27, 2023

Back to the Dredge!

We have a busy winter schedule once again, with our larger maintenance dredging vessels, including back hoe dredger ‘Doreen Dorward‘, and split hopper barges ,’Nab’ and ‘Needles’, working at several sites for International Marina Operators, Marina Developments Ltd. Current dredging operations include sites in Poole, Southampton, River Hamble and Chichester Harbour.

Works have already commenced with a 10,000m3 dredge at Cobbs Quay marina in Poole, and will then be progressing through the winter months to other marina operators along the UK South coast in a continuous tight schedule.

Our new 52t long reach excavator will be put through her paces this winter, and we’re delighted with the higher power and performance offered, in combination with the cleaner emission Tier IV engine. Our Prolec RTK GPS dredge control system has been refitted to this excavator, so we can continue to offer the higher dredging accuracy of this system to our clients, with all the benefits that this brings.

dredging underway Cobbs Quay marina

Our smaller dredger, C H Horn, is also keeping busy, currently working for the prestigious Royal Motor Yacht Club in Poole Harbour on a 2,000m3 maintenance dredge. ‘C H Horn‘ is fitted with a 30t long reach excavator which quickly loads the 125m3 capacity hopper. Her relatively small overall size of 26m length x 8.6m breadth is ideal for accessing smaller sites, with more restricted access, especially as a self-contained hopper dredger. Spoil is then transported for sea disposal at the designated site in the Marine Management Organisation Marine Licence.

We have also been assisting clients with marina pontoon removal and replacement to facilitate our dredging operations, using our multirole vessel ‘Buffalo‘ and our skilled and experienced team. This is an extra service we offer to make life simpler for clients with fewer contractors to deal with. Coordination of these critical works becomes smoother and simpler, with less delays. This helps minimise any potential disruption that maintenance dredging might cause.


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