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Jan De Nul signs Flemish Green Deal initiative

Posted on January 15, 2024

Together with 53 other participating public and private organisations, Jan De Nul Group has signed the Flemish Green Deal Nature-inclusive Car Parks, an initiative of Flemish Minister for Justice and Enforcement, Environment, Energy and Tourism Zuhal Demir in cooperation with organisations ‘Natuurbuur’ and ‘Natuurpro’.

The Green Deal Nature-inclusive Car Parks aims for more nature on as many existing and future car parks as possible, spread all over Flanders. Both small and large, and public and private sites are eligible.

With this Green Deal, the Flemish government is trying to put forward comprehensive nature-inclusive solutions that owners and managers of car parks can start using right away. These nature-inclusive solutions must also provide an answer to the disappearance and threat of pollinators responsible for the pollination and fruiting of plants.


Because future generations also have the right to live in a healthy and prosperous world, Flanders aims to decouple its economic prosperity and growth from its environmental impact and resource needs.

To this end, Flanders wants to boost the competitiveness of the Flemish economy by promoting its innovative power, creativity and entrepreneurship. Only in this way can Flanders  achieve the transition to a green economy. Citizens, companies, NGOs, knowledge institutions and other organisations are already taking many initiatives to achieve this greening of the economy. Through the Green Deals, the Flemish government wants to bundle and strengthen these green initiatives and dynamics in society, in order to tackle these societal (environmental) challenges.

The Green Deal instrument is a powerful tool that enables people to make agreements and overcome obstacles with the government, while keeping the process simple and accessible. The intention is always to make the results of a Green Deal public, so that others can also use and learn from this information.


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