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Jan De Nul: Planting of the maypole heralds next phase for De Lediaan in Diegem

Posted on July 1, 2024

In November 2023, work began to redevelop the old Desmedt site in Diegem (Belgium) from a former landfill and quarry to a green eco-neighbourhood. Eight months later, developers PSR-Urbicoon are celebrating the first milestone symbolically by planting a maypole on the construction site.

Jan De Nul Group has been focusing on project development through its subsidiary Partner in Sustainable Reconversion (PSR) since 1999. One of those projects, is De Lediaan in Diegem, Belgium. Lediaan sandstone was quarried at the old Desmedt site until 1960. Afterwards, the site was used as a dump for construction debris and became neglected. Project developers PSR-Urbicoon are providing a thorough clean-up and ecological redevelopment. The new ‘De Lediaan’ neighbourhood will be Diegem’s green lung, offering sustainable and peaceful living. De Lediaan will be the place to play and live with 168 near-energy-neutral homes and a large public park of over 1.8 hectares as a central meeting place.

Jean-Pierre De Groef, mayor of Machelen: “I am delighted that the first step has been taken in the realization of this site. This project will significantly enrich the downtown area of Diegem, where a former quarry and landfill will be transformed into a green space within a public park spanning no less than 1.8 hectares.


project developer for PSR

“Despite the bad weather conditions, the first milestone was achieved. We are proud of the entire team responsible for the construction and development of this sustainable project.”

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Werf De Lediaan

The Symbolic planting of a maypole took place in the presence of mayor Jean-Pierre De Groef, 1st alderman Steve Claeys, and Eddy Wille and Petra De Clercq of OVAM. In doing so, developer PSR-Urbicoon follows a tradition to mark the completion of the structural works of the first phase and the preparation for the finishing phase.

Jan Vandermeulen, project developer for PSR: “The placing of a maypole is an old tradition, symbolising the wish that this project may become as stable, large and durable as a tree. But above all, it is a moment of gratitude to the contractor, construction workers and engineering firms for their work already delivered. Despite the bad weather conditions, the first milestone was achieved. We are proud of the entire team responsible for the construction and development of this sustainable project. Moreover, the cooperation with the Machelen municipality is also running constructively, which supports the smooth development of this project.”


The structural works of the 1st phase are almost finished and the façade works have already started. After the construction holidays, the technical installations and finishes to make the buildings wind- and waterproof will start. These works should be completed by the end of the year. The soil remediation was completed in the 2nd quarter and the start-up of groundwater monitoring is planned in the 1st quarter of 2025 in combination with the start-up of the environmental works. Finally, the foundation works of the 2nd phase have also been completed, and the structural contractor has already started the structural work of the parking area for this phase. De Lediaan expects to reach the highest point of the construction of the 2nd phase by the 2025 construction holidays. The start of provisional completion of the first phase is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2025.


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