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Jan De Nul: Our impact today shapes tomorrow, our newest FOCUS is now online

Posted on March 4, 2024

Care for the environment and people is first and foremost woven into the nature of our business activities in which we constantly develop new knowledge and take steps forward. Think of our newest PFAS washing plant that allows us to remediate and recover up to 86% of contaminated soil.

In our projects too, sustainability is always a key aspect during and even after execution. Recently, we returned to Benin to assess the environmental impact of a breakwater we built a few years ago. Last but not least, our focus on innovation extends to the equipment we use. Our newest cable-laying vessel Fleeming Jenkin will emit as little pollutants, such as NOx, as the very newest truck.

We aim not just to meet, but to exceed expectations, setting new standards for ourselves and the industry. Our journey towards a sustainable future is ongoing, and we invite you to join us on this path.


It's on us. Share your news here.
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