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Jan De Nul: It’s all about the details, our newest FOCUS is now online

Posted on July 1, 2024

As you dive into this e-magazine, you will notice that our projects are not simple matters. Not only are they getting larger, but also more complex, demanding our utmost attention and expertise. More than ever, we believe that success in these endeavours hinges on unity and collaboration across all departments. Every team member, irrespective of their role, plays a vital part in this collective effort. Clear agreements and transparent communication between them are the foundation of this. By fostering this synergy, we are elevating our projects to new heights.

Needless to say good preparation is another factor for success. ‘A good beginning is half the battle’ is a classic saying we firmly believe in and live by. This philosophy drives our approach, ensuring that every project phase is planned down to the smallest detail. We take care of thorough equipment preparation, such as in one of our largest logistical and technical hub in Dubai. From facing Montevideo Port’s rock hard soil over installing our first DC cable bundle between Ireland and the UK, to repairing bridges over one of Belgium’s busiest highways. We are ready to take on any challenge, ensuring the highest quality outcomes for our clients.

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