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Jan De Nul in joint venture for production of green hydrogen

Posted on April 10, 2023

Jan De Nul Group, DEME Group, and Aertssen Group in JV Terranova join forces with Luminus and Nippon Gases to build and exploit an installation for the production of green hydrogen on the ‘Zonneberg’ in Zelzate. The companies have established the new partnership Terranova Hydrogen NV.

The three companies want to work together on the Zonneberg for the building and exploitation of an electrolysis unit of 2.5 MW to produce green hydrogen, including the storage capacity and a compression and filling station. On top of that, the possibility exists to expand the installation up to 5 MW.

An Smet, Director Environmental Activities at Jan De Nul Group: “Jan De Nul has a leading role in the development of sustainable energy projects and is a pioneer in energy transition. This project is a logical step for our company because it reflects both our commitment for renewable activities and care for the environment. Renewable energy takes on many shapes and the production of hydrogen by means of green energy on a location as Zonneberg is a perfect fit for our strategy. We look forward to seeing the entirety of Terranova in use and be an example for the industrial world.”

The three partners in Terranova (Jan De Nul, Aertssen, and DEME) are pleased to engage in this cooperation with Luminus and Nippon Gases for the production of green hydrogen on our terrains. This is a great step in the intended transformation of a brownfield to a green energy hub in the middle of the harbour area of Ghent.

Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of Luminus: “Luminus wants to build a CO2-neutral energy future in which protecting the planet, human wellbeing, and economical growth are aligned with each other. This is our reason for existence. This project fits perfectly in our strategy and we are proud to contribute to its implementation.”

Frank Rutten, Managing Director of Nippon Gases: “To reach a CO2-neutral world, it’s important to go from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Nippon gases commits to aid its clients in making this transition in the future possible. This hydrogen production based on exclusively green energy is for us the example of what a climate neutral industry can look like. Together with the other partners, we hope to contribute to a future in which our children and grandchildren can live happily.”

From brownfield to production hub for green energy

The green hydrogen will be produced on the Terranovasite on the Zonneberg in the North Sea Port in Zelzate with locally generated green energy. A larger solar farm is situated on the former landfill already. Now the conversion of the former brownfield to a green energy production centre continues. Additionally, the location is centrally located next to the R4 ringway around the Port of Ghent, on a crossroads of the highways Antwerp-Bruges and Lille-Rotterdam, and also next to the channel Ghent-Terneuzen.

Preparatory works

As part of the rollout of the “Flemish Hydrogen Vision,” the Flemish government granted strategic support of 4.33 million euros to Terranova Hydrogen NV at the end of 2022. Meanwhile, the permit was also obtained and Terranova NV started the preparatory works on the site. Production of the first hydrogen molecule is planned for early 2025.


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