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J.F. Brennan Co. Finishes Dredging 1.2 million Cu.Yds of material from Fountain Lake

Posted on September 22, 2021

After four years of dredging at Fountain Lake, our work is nearing completion! Our dredge Vic Buhr, pictured below operating near Bancroft Creek, has a couple days worth of dredging remaining. This dredged material will head to one of the confined disposal facilities where the dredge slurry is managed and the water is discharged back into the lake.
In the coming weeks, our team will begin to remove the dredge pipeline and demobilize the barges and the dredge Vic Buhr from site. After removing OVER 1,200,000 cubic yards of sediment, our Environmental Group is closing the chapter on another job well done! We are so thankful for the amazing partnerships we have made throughout the duration of this project and the support from the Albert Lea community!


It's on us. Share your news here.
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