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Important beach management work in Eastbourne prolonged due to mechanical failures

Dredging in Eastbourne

Posted on October 24, 2022

A dredger has been close to shore this month to sort out the shingles. ‘Sospan Dau’ discharges shingle onto the beach just before high tide because the shingle, which acts as a flood defence for the town, is constantly moving so needs to be replaced or recycled.The work was originally meant to take place October 7-13 but is still ongoing due to mechanical failures for the dredger. A council spokesperson said: “[The Sospan Dau] is now back but we are in the hands of the weather and sea conditions as to when the work can take place. If the conditions are favourably this essential beach protection work will complete very soon.

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“It’s vital to do this to protect hundreds of homes and businesses. If we don’t then Royal Parade and that section of Seaside can be flooded by high tides – which were regularly affected up to the implementation of the new sea defence schemes in the late 1990s.”



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