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Hulhumale’ Masterplan to be revised to dredge more land

Posted on May 15, 2023

The government has decided to revise the Hulhumale’ Masterplan such that the area where the Hulhumale’ Cruise Terminal would be developed will now be dredged to issue land plots to Male’ residents.

While the government has not officially announced the plan, some officials have confirmed it to AVAS. The area set for dredging was initially part of the previous administration’s master plan to build an international-class cruise terminal in Hulhumale’, with potential investors having already shown interest in the project.

The planned dredging will cover the entire lagoon northwest of the bridges connecting Hulhumale’s two phases, including the former resort of Farukolhufushi, now part of Hulhumale’ Phase II. The preparations for dredging are currently underway, with around 17 hectares of land set to be dredged, according to a government official.

The primary purpose of dredging the land is to fulfill President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s promise to allocate land. The area to be dredged is currently a large safari port, and it is unclear what the government intends to do with the safaris. While a lagoon near Male’ City has been designated for a mooring dock project, the project has seen no progress to date.


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