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How the Port of Baltimore is benefitting from the shipping crisis and President’s plan

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Posted on November 15, 2021

President Joe Biden was in Baltimore Wednesday talking about his $1 trillion infrastructure plan that broke free from Congressional gridlock last week.

The president showcasing the Port of Baltimore during his news conference.

“The port of Baltimore is exquisitely managed,” said Anirban Basu, CEO/Chairman Sage Policy Group.

While ships are waiting to dock at other ports around the nation, according to Basu, the port of Baltimore is benefitting.

“Baltimore is in such good shape and has invested so much money in it’s handling capacity in recent decades, more business is coming to the port of Baltimore,” said Basu. He went on to say “that means more jobs, more tax base, it’s really quite good for us.”

According to Basu, having business at the port is good for everyone living in the Baltimore region.

“The prices we end of paying for goods is lower than it otherwise would be because material is coming, our imports and goods are coming right into the port of Balitmore,” said Basu.

Money is the president’s plan will be going to projects including roadways and bridges plus expanding broadband. Basu says that will bring more jobs along with it.

President Biden is expected to sign the infrastructure plan on Monday during a bipartisan signing ceremony.


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