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House Republicans float bill to encourage deep-sea mining

Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.Va.) on the House floor in December

Posted on March 13, 2024

House Republicans on Tuesday introduced legislation that calls on the federal government to study and provide diplomatic and financial support for the divisive practice of mining the world’s oceans for critical minerals, a move they said would help the U.S. avoid reliance on China.

Reps. Carol Miller of West Virginia and John Joyce of Pennsylvania in a release said the “Responsible Use of Seafloor Resources Act” would prepare the U.S. for the commercial availability of deep-sea mining.

“The United States should not be beholden to China for critical minerals,” Miller said in a statement. “This legislation is commonsense and encourages the needed strategic decoupling from China that is long overdue.”

While support in Congress is growing for deep-sea mining as the world scrambles to secure minerals like lithium, cobalt and nickel needed for batteries, military equipment and renewables, the practice continues to rile environmental groups.


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