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Great Lakes Dredge & Dock will soon finish beach Florida renourishment project

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Posted on April 13, 2022

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The seven-month-long renourishment project on Panama City Beach is just days away from completion.

Back in September, dredging barges began making their way across Panama City Beach.

They’re now finishing the $28.5 million federally-funded beach renourishment project and 18.5 miles of brand new shoreline.

“The beaches in Panama City Beach are what our visitors and residents come to the area for, so it’s very important that we maintain those beautiful beaches for our visitors,” Panama City Beach Public Relations Manager Lacee Rudd said. “With beach renourishment, that adds to the width of the beach. It also protects the structures and erosion from storms that maybe come through.”

Panama City Beach’s first renourishment project happened in the 1990s to rebuild Hurricane Opal’s damages. This latest project is repairing damages from Hurricanes Michael and Sally.

“There are recreational benefits, there are wildlife benefits, but the number one reason for beach restoration and renourishment is storm protection, protection of all of our upland property and infrastructure,” beach management consultant Lisa Armbruster said.

The project started on the west end of Panama City Beach and it is now outside of beach access one. Officials said the project is just days away from being done.

It has taken longer than expected due to challenges from bad weather and broken equipment. But workers are back on track, just in time for the summer season.

“It’s just all about maintaining the beaches, grooming them with trash pickup, the ‘leave no trace ordinance,” Rudd said. “It’s just to make sure that our visitors and residents have a beautiful place to enjoy the beach and have a great vacation.”

Armbruster said the TDC is waiting for more federal funds to complete the renourishment of St. Andrews State Park.


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