Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company (GLD & D) : The infallible dredging legends

Posted on January 18, 2022

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company LLC is America’s largest provider of dredging and construction related services. Though most of their operations are in the American mainland, GLD&D as it is shortly called, operates overseas as well. With a diverse dredging fleet of numerous specialized vessels, they offer cutting edge solutions for modern day problems arising from resource exhaustion and climate changes. They operate in areas of dredging environmental infrastructure and demolition.

Rechristened as the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company (GLD&D) in 1905, the company was founded in 1890 as the partnership of Lydon & Drews and was named Lydon & Drews dredging company. The company’s history dates back to 1890 and today it is operational in 6 continents. With 131 years of experience, and 765 contracts completed since 2000, GLD&D is the best competitor in their market.

GLD&D offers their services in deepening and maintenance of waterways, port and shipping channels as well as creating new harbours. They also focus on creating and renourishing the beaches. GLD&D’s services in the reclamation of land and water is commendable. They have experience in improving low-lying land areas; restoring aquatic and wetland habitats. Excavating pipeline, cable and tunnel trenches is also an area of specialization of the company.

GLD&D has a fleet of over 200 vessels equipped with latest technologies and more than 1,000 dedicated engineers, operators and support personnel working towards shaping a better world. The company believes in their employees’ dedication as the foundation of their proven history of success for 103 years. GLD&D’s safety policy, Incident-and Injury-Free (IIF®), adopted in 2006, aims at creating and promoting environment where employee safety is paramount. With more than a century of experience and expertise GLD&D has never failed in a marine project.

GLD&D has made remarkable contributions to the nation and overseas. They are well known for their construction of Mac Aurther Lock during the second world war period. after the war GLD&D focused on various oil related dredging project in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, the company has widely diversified and today their areas of expertise include dredging and maintenance of navigation routes to land and water reclamation. They have found convincing ways to deal with debris management and are a reputed supplier of sand and aggregates for construction works.

GLD&D’s successful projects include maintenance dredging at the Miami Harbour, renourishment of San Diego beaches, and the construction of the Diyaar al Muharrq island system in Bahrain. They successfully build dunes and beams along the Jersey Shore damaged by Hurricane Sandy. GLD&D proudly offers its services to most of the largest cities and ports of America by providing transportation resources and maintaining them.

Leaning on to their abundant resource of knowledge and expertise of over a century, GLD&D has wisely analyzed their data to ensure low cost service to their clients with maximum efficiency. Always up to date and open to new ideas, their infallible history of thousands of projects completed worldwide sets GLD&D apart as the best. Though a lion’s share of their operations is within the American mainland GLD&D offers their service to clients overseas as well, mainly in the Middle East. After renewing their efforts overseas in 1990, GLD&D took up many reputed projects in the Middle East and has extended their services to Europe, Africa, Mexico and South America as well.


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