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Gov’t Set to Begin Dredging for Economic Gateway Project

Posted on January 31, 2024

Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed has recently announced that preparations for the dredging work required to initiate the Maldives Economic Gateway project are underway. This major infrastructure project is set to bolster the country’s focus on maritime services and economic security, encompassing sectors such as real estate, tourism, and various other businesses.

In a statement on X, Minister Saeed emphasized the government’s commitment to expedite the commencement of the dredging operations for the Maldives Economic Gateway project. He highlighted that this development is a key part of President Dr Muizzu’s wider economic development strategy, indicating a significant step forward for the nation’s growth and prosperity.

The Maldives Industrial Development Free Zone Public Limited has been designated as the master developer of the project, marking a pivotal role in steering the project towards its successful realization. The development rights for the designated area of the project have also been allocated to this entity, further consolidating its central involvement in the project’s execution.

Moreover, the Maldivian government has declared the area earmarked for the Maldives Economic Gateway project to be a Special Economic Zone. This strategic move is expected to attract investment and foster an environment conducive to business and economic development.

The Maldives Economic Gateway project represents a significant advancement in the country’s infrastructure and economic landscape. With its focus on enhancing maritime services and boosting economic security, the project is poised to play a crucial role in the Maldives’ journey towards modernization and global economic integration. As the nation prepares for the dredging work, there is a palpable sense of anticipation for the opportunities and developments that the project will bring to the Maldives.


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