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Global Ports Forum launches Certified Global Port Manager (CGPM) Program

Posted on April 30, 2023


Continuing its commitment to improve global ports and to further the interests of ports globally, The Global Ports Forum is pleased to launch Certified Global Port Manager (CGPM) Program.

World Maritime Trade has grown from 2,605 Million MT in 1970 to 10,047 Million MT in 2015, an increase of about 400% in 4.5 decades. Maritime industry across the world has undergone massive structural reforms during this period, in continuous endeavour to effectively and efficiently cater to the need for transportation of seaborne trade. From general cargo vessels, the ships have changed to specialized cargo specific tonnage and from smaller to larger size vessels for economies of scale. Ports and Terminals infrastructure has undergone simultaneous transformation in line with servicing the requirement of type and size of ships being deployed for the trade.

In present age of information explosion, well informed customers, keep raising service expectations from their logistics and maritime service providers; benchmark of service standards continuously keep rising along with Value Migration by the customers. Disruptive technological advancement has become the order of the day for sustainability in a competitive environment. Leading Maritime service providers are again trying to adopt integrated approach combining shipping, ports and terminals and hinterland logistics as single point service to get closer to customers; simultaneously adopting technologies like Blockchain. These developments and further advancements in technology, safety and security norms, standards operating procedures are posing a number of challenges to the Managements in Ports and Terminal Industries. Ports and Terminals need to keep themselves updated with the best practice in master planning; attractive legal, policy, financial and commercial framework; construction and project management; operational norms and performance parameters benchmarking with global standards as well as on-going practice of delivering best value for money to the customers.

Leading Port and Terminal organizations with futuristic vision and foresight, support manpower development by relevant training in order to prepare their own personnel to face challenges caused by high paced transformation and to make the key managers “future – ready”.

The latest launch of Certified Global Port Manager (CGPM) Program by the Global Ports Forum is a major initiative to support Training and Development functionaries of leading Ports and Terminals in their endeavours to develop core competence among their key managers.

What is CGPM

The CGPM Program is similar to Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program for the financial sector. CGPM will be used as a benchmark standard for mapping competence and measuring capabilities for Port and Terminal management functions among identified key managers. CGPM award will be an accreditation to the managers undergoing the program with due recognition to their capabilities. CGPM is a new professional qualification on Ports and Terminals management.

Advantages of CGPM

CGPM is an international benchmark of excellence that will be awarded to selected Ports and Terminals managers which will make the CGPM qualified managers stand out among the others. Top management will indentify CGPM managers as those with competence with significant experience, skills and knowledge in Ports and Terminals management. CGPM provides foundation for a sound and prospective career in Ports and Terminals management and thus acts an incentive for leaders and performers in the Ports / Terminal organizations.

Process of CGPM award

CGPM program is governed by a Qualification Review Board (QRB) which comprises leading international experts from Ports and Terminals industry and academicians. Upon satisfying the criteria and requirements of the QRB and subject to the level of competency and responsibility, successful participants will be permitted to undertake the 5 days Global Ports Management program. On completion of the 5 days Management program, participants will prepare a submit a project report. On approval of the project report by the QRB, the participants will be awarded the CGPM title. CGPM holders are entitled to use the title of CGPM in recognition of their competence.

Qualifying for CGPM: To qualify as CGPM candidate, you must have relevant experience in ports / terminals / related industries and obtain minimum 25 points from the following criteria:

Validity of CGPM
CGPM award needs to be re-certified every five years. For the purpose of monitoring continued development, all certified CGPM managers would be required to maintain proper records of projects undertaken by them duly endorsed by their employers. These records will form the basis for renewal of certification after five years. CGPM status will be void after five years in case of non-renewal.

How to apply for CGPM
The process of CGPM certification may take between 3 to 6 months depending on date of application preceding Global Ports Management Program being conducted two times a year by The Global Ports Forum.

Candidates / sponsoring organization are required to submit the following documents to the QRB along with prescribed registration fee:

  • Academic qualification certificates
  • Work experience certificates
  • Executive program certificates
  • Professional membership certificates
  • Continuing education program certificates – last three years
  • Self assessment form (with minimum 25 points)

Qualification Review Board (QRB) will review each application and upon successful assessment by QRB, candidates will be permitted to enrol for 5 days Global Ports Management Program.

GPF Global Ports Management Executive Program (5 days)

May 22- 26, 2023, Singapore
3 Jul- 7 Jul, 2023 Singapore
25 Sep- 29 Sep, 2023 Dubai
2- 6 Oct, 2023 Antwerp
16- 20 Oct, 2023 Jakarta
6-11 Nov, 2023 Kuala Lumpur
4-8 Dec 2023, Istanbul


This five days Management program provides intensive classroom coaching combined with interactive workshops, individual and group case studies and participants’ presentations on all important subjects.


This five days training program aims to prepare executives in Ports and Terminals – authorities, developers, operators, financers, shipping companies, ports and logistics service providers, port consultants, other allied industries and services; to assume higher level of roles and responsibilities by providing them an overall framework of Ports Business. The program provides the basic concepts, tools, information and knowledge to participants about the Ports and terminals.

A bird’s eye-view on Integrated functioning of complex Port and terminals organizations – defining and understanding Vision, Mission, Objectives and goals. Cohesive functioning of all the departments facilitates achieving common goals and objectives. The program provides a platform to the participants to develop a comprehensive understanding and knowledge on ports and terminal management, administration and efficient operations.

While majority of Ports and terminals executives possess requisite knowledge and expertise in their assigned roles and responsibilities, very few claim to have an overall understanding and clarity in the integrated functioning of the ports and terminals organizations. Clarity and understanding of overall comprehensive functioning of the port and terminal helps in mutual co-operation among departments thereby delivering seamless and smooth services to customers for customer delight and improved level of financial performance. This in turn may lead to satisfied stakeholders in the ports and terminals. In a constantly changing environment of the ports and terminals industry, with high degree of value migration; every port and terminal needs to deliver best value to the customers. All port and terminal organizations need to develop their manpower to be prepared with requisite training in order to respond to changing demands in important aspects of services parameters in a proactive manner.

The 5 days Classroom training of the Management Program encompasses all major and important functions of the ports and terminals – their basic practices, international norms and standards to benchmark against best practices at the operational level.

With a total of over eight decades of experience in ports and terminals planning, development and operations; experienced course directors from Global Ports Forum have put in their expertise to share the best practices and benchmarks in line with world class standards and norms, making the participants to aim in quest of excellence.

PROGRAM DETAILS (daily 9.00am to 5.00pm)

Day 1 – World Maritime Trade and development of international ports. Understanding Role of Ports as vital gateways for national trade and economic development. Changing role of Ports as most essential link in the international logistics and supply chain.

Types of Ports and classification of ports and terminals based on nature of business and customers to be served – passengers and different types / categories of cargo. General or multi-purpose ports v/s specialized ports – Advantages and disadvantages. Classification of Ports and terminals based on ownership / operation structure.

Classroom training followed by case studies, group discussions and presentations.

Day 2 – Port Business analysis. Understanding dynamics, market forces and elements which impact the ports business. Analysis of each factor and extent of its influence on the port business volume and revenue. Mapping competition activities and market environment scan. Discussion on case study of one or two ports examples.

Process of Port Development for new project sites and existing project sites. Site selection, prefeasibility studies, plans for environment management, project funding and financing options and structure; Legal and commercial terms – concession agreements. Classroom training followed by case studies, group discussions and presentations.

Day 3 – Site investigation and detailed studies, preparation of bankable Detailed Project Report (DPR), achieving Financial Closure for the project, negotiation of legal and commercial terms and signing concession agreement. Classroom training and group discussions.

Day 4 – Pricing and tariff – understanding price sensitivity vis-a-vis competition, different revenue elements against type of services and tariff preparation. Determination of business volume for the life of the project as per terms of concession agreement. Understanding different capital costs and operating costs for each operation. Based on revenue and costs, arriving at profitability and preparing basic financial model with user friendly dashboard for investment decisions.
Classroom training and case study with practical exercise of financial modelling.

Day 5 – Operating procedures for Marine, dry bulk cargo, liquid bulk cargo and container operations. As well as all support services like Engineering Services, warehousing, transport & logistics – road / rail operations, Safety & Security, Marketing and Business Development. Preparation of check lists and work instructions as a part of Integrated Management System.
Classroom training and case studies.

Enrolment for the 5 days Global Ports Management Executive Program is essential to the attainment of CGPM. Details for enrolment are available as per the link:-

At the end of the 5 training program, each participant will be given a topic on ports / terminal industry. Participants would be required to prepare a project report and submit the same within a period of 3 months for critical evaluation and review by the course director, who will award suitable grade to each participant as per contents and quality of the project report.

The project report will then be submitted to QRB for review. On successful completion project report duly approved by QRB, successful candidates will be awarded CGPM certification during Global Ports Forum event which may be attended by the candidates. The next event is 2023 Global Ports Forum Awards at Dubai on 28 Mar, 2023, details are as per link:

Inclusive of the attendance of Global Ports Management Program, CGPM Registration, Qualification and Administration:

15th GPF Anniversary Special. Pay for Two participants, another Two comes free. No other promotion applicable.

On or Before 3 May 2023: The ‘Early Bird’ Rate is USD9595.00 – Save USD800!
Special Offer! – 3 Delegates For The Price of 2 in This Category! Save USD 9595.00!

From 4 May 2023: The Regular Rate is USD 10395.00
Special Offer! – 3 Delegates For The Price of 2 in This Category! Save USD10395.00!

Note: All fees stated include luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include the cost of accommodation, visa fees and travel.

Register Now!
To register, please submit the following details to
What Best Describes Your Industry Sector?:
Billing information:

For cheque payments: To be made payable to ‘Global Ports Forum Pte. Ltd.’ Please do not send post-dated cheque.

For telegraphic transfers:

Account Name: Global Ports Forum Pte. Ltd.,
Account No. : 695 477 141 001.
Beneficiary Bank: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore. (Swift: OCBCSGSG),
Address : 65 Chulia Street #01-00, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513.

Please supply confirmation via email of the TT from your bank. Transmitting bank charges must be paid by sender. Please quote both delegate and company name as reference.

Kindly note that as we are providing a special rate for ‘early bird’ sign up, we will need to receive your company payment by 3 May 2023 to enjoy the discount.

We are indeed pleased to share details of our 26 executive workshops, 5 forums, 10 executive programs and 6 Awards Dinners that we had organized over the last few years uploaded onto our website:-

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