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Georgia Ports working to block private port nearby citing traffic concerns

Posted on February 8, 2024

What once was a contaminated brownfield along the Savannah River is now in the planning stages to become a private port, SeaPoint.

That’s causing concerns with its neighbor, The Georgia Ports Authority, releasing a statement to WJCL News.

GPA fully vetted the use of SeaPoint as a container terminal. And after a due diligence process of traffic studies, stepped away from the opportunity since it would overwhelm already congested local Savannah roads, hamper access to local hospitals, the historic district and tourism. 4000-10,000 more trucks would bring Derenne Avenue, President St., Abercorn St. and Bay St. to practically a standstill.”

-Georgia Ports Authority

However, property owners at SeaPoint say that might not be the case with other options there for reducing traffic.

“The blue highway like they do in Charleston. They take whatever products are brought through here, put them on electric driven barges move it further up river,” said Reed Dulany, President of Dulany Industries.

Sustainability is a requirement for any tenant looking to do business at SeaPoint.

“Whatever is located here will have a functionality of the assets that it offers and it will be focused on green sustainable future,” said Dulaney.

However, this is yet to happen—as SeaPoint isn’t leased yet, and has faced pushback in their permitting from the Georgia Ports.

“We are completely confounded as to why GPA is opposing an incredible asset for this for the state of Georgia,” said Dulany.

SeaPoint has no current tenant, however, if it did would operate mainly bulk and some containers.


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