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Georgia Ports Authority upgrading supply chain operations

Posted on August 30, 2023

The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is in the midst of a $1.9 billion infrastructure improvement plan to keep pace with future supply chain needs.

Most recently, the GPA welcomed the arrival of four super cranes. The ship-to-shore cranes are the workhorses of container ports, ensuring high-productivity operations so that ships can make port stays fast and safe. The new cranes stand up to 300 feet high and 22 to 24 containers wide and are expected to improve load speed and capacity.

They’re getting some assistance from the Georgia Department of Transportation, which is making improvements to Gate 3 at Garden City Terminal. They’re building a new exit which will allow for faster access to the nation’s busiest container terminal.

The new Brampton Road exit will ease traffic congestion and offer trucks faster access to the port. When completed, exiting from Gate 3 will be easier and faster, as trucks will only have to stop at one traffic light before accessing the freeway.

The exit is expected to be completed in April 2026.

Finally, the GPA is ready to streamline part of the shipping process with a new certification that benefits the supply chain by reducing time and cost. Earlier this month, the Port of Savannah obtained certification for terminals to load and unload cargo prior to being cleared by customs and border patrol. It’s called the AQUA Lane.

To participate, vessels must be enrolled in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, and be in good standing with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Ships will still need to obtain customs clearance, but AQUA Lane allows the port to immediately load and unload cargo.

The Terry College of Business says the port moves about $140 billion worth of products annually.


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