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Foundation Condemns Indiscriminate Dredging In Lagos Waterway

Posted on June 17, 2024

The Green Janitors Sustainable Initiative yesterday condemned the indiscriminate dredging of waterways and encroachment of wetlands in Lagos communities.

Alhaji Abdul-Salam Ashade, the Chief Executive Officer of the initiative, expressed his displeasure during an event to celebrate 2024 World Environment Day in Badagry.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of 2024 World Environment Day is: “Our land our Future. Land Restoration, Drought Resilience and Desertification”. Ashade said: “We want the people to stop the dredging of our waterways and also stop encroaching wet lands in Lagos community.

“The dredging is familiar with Badagry. Almost in all the communities, you see them dredging and bringing out water from the water. “We have so many wet lands in Lagos, most of these lands have been encroached by the people who want to make money at all cost.

“All these are vital instruments to land restoration that we are talking about,” he said. He said that all encroachment and dredging had resulted to flooding. “This happens when they sell the wet land and fill it up with sand, chasing away the water because they want to build houses.”


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