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Forbes magazine names Eng Yasser Zaghloul, Group CEO of National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC), as one of the Top 10 CEOs in the UAE and Top 20 in the Middle East

Posted on January 9, 2024

Many CEOs residing in the Middle East have broad powers and carry responsibilities that go beyond their counterparts in other regions, as they head major companies that are influential in the Arab world and leading globally. This is partly due to GCC countries investing their sovereign wealth in major local companies.

The region’s governments also own the largest banks, telecommunications companies, industry, oil and gas, mining and hospitality companies, making the role of the CEO more challenging. In addition to running the business to generate profits, a CEO also needs to focus on achieving the vision of the government in the country in which he or she works, especially since many of these leaders also head government bodies, and some are even ministers or belong to ministerial councils.

In 2023, the region’s most powerful CEOs are focused on sustainability, inclusion and growth. Saudi Arabia, in particular, has invested in various sectors to diversify its economy. The acceleration in corporate transformation has strengthened these economies, and the merger of government companies has led to the emergence of larger companies. In addition to the number of large initial public offerings that the region witnessed, which raised the value of these companies. Global events and conferences also contributed to increasing corporate profits, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai.

Our annual list, “The Most Powerful CEOs in the Middle East 2023,” in its third edition, includes 100 business leaders from 22 different nationalities. The Emiratis dominate with 23 CEOs, followed by the Egyptians with 19 leaders, then the Saudis with 18 CEOs. This is a positive sign of localization, as most major companies are headed by local CEOs. While the banking sector tops the list with about 17 companies, followed by the real estate and construction sector with 14 companies, and communications with 9 companies.

Among the CEOs on the list of the year are the head of the world’s largest oil company, the head of one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas companies, the head of the world’s busiest international airport, and the head of one of the largest international airlines. 100 CEOs were also able to achieve combined revenues exceeding $1 trillion in 2022, and the value of all companies reached more than $5 trillion.

1. Amin Hassan Al-Nasser

2. Sultan Al Jaber

3. Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

4. Saad bin Sharida Al-Kaabi

5. Issam Jassim Al-Saqr

6. Nawaf Saud Nasser Al-Sabah

7. Sultan Ahmed bin Salim

8. Alian Al-Wataid

9. Sayed Basr Shuaib

10. Hatem Dowidar

11. Abdullah Mubarak Al Khalifa

12. Nazmi Al-Nasr

13. Abdul Rahman Al-Faqih

14. Walid bin Abdullah Al-Muqbel

15. Osama Rabie

16. Paul Griffiths

17. Hanaa Al Rostamani

18. Yasser Zaghloul

19. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer

20. Ahmed Jalal Ismail

21. Jassim Hussein Thabet

22. Abdel Nasser bin Kalban

23. Abdul Rahman Al Hatami

24. Shane Nelson

25. Hisham Okasha

26. Adnan Shilwan

27. Talal Al-Dhiyabi

28. Jerry Inzerillo

29. Muhammad bin Saleh Al-Butti

30. Muhammad Juma Al Shamsi

31. John Pagano

32. Omar Hariri

33. Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi

34. Mansour Muhammad Al-Mulla

35. Aziz Al-Othman Fakhro

36. Alaa Erekat

37. Hisham Talaat Mostafa

38. Talal bin Saeed Al-Maamari

39. Ali Al-Baqali

40. Muhammad Al-Atribi

41. Fahd Al-Hasawi

42. Muhammad Jameel Al Ramahi

43. Saeed Ghumran Al-Rumaithi

44. Hussein Abaza

45. Amr Al-Madani

46. ​​Othman Ibrahim

47. Muhammad Nasr al-Din

48. Marco Arcelli

49. Osama Bishai

50. Abdul Aziz Al Balushi

51. Sherif Bishara

52. Ali Al-Hashemi

53. Shadi Malak

54. Karim Awad

55. Tariq Shawhan

56. Arif Amiri

57. Ahmed Abdel-Al

58. Basil Gamal

59. Walid bin Khamis Al-Hashar

60. Adana Nasser Al-Sabah

61. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Khalifa

62. Abdullah Al-Badr

63. Qusay Al-Fakhri

64. Tal Hisham Nazer

65. Tariq Youssef Hosni

66. Rashid Ali Al Ansari

67. James Michael Lafferty

68. Saeed Zaatar

69. Ahmed Al Shamsi

70. Talal Muwafaq Al-Qaddah

71. Sultan Batterjee

72. Abdullah Al-Saadoun

73. Khaled Al Marzouqi

74. Abdul Wahab Al-Rawad

75. Othman Ahmed

76. Katerina Gianocca

77. Carlos Wakim

78. Antonualdo Neves

79. Randa Al-Sadiq

80. Walid Abu Khaled

81. Abdullah Al-Sulaiti

82. Mikkel Venter

83. Tariq Al-Sayed

84. Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Shibl

85. Turki bin Maatouq Al-Thunayan

86. Rajaa Al Mazrouei

87. Suresh Vaidhyanathan

88. Omar Al-Hamamsi

89. Khaled Abbas

90. Faisal Al-Badah

91. Joe Kawkabani

92. Michael Lahiani

93. Nadia Al-Saeed

94. Aloke Batra

95. Jalila Mezni

96. Muhammad Saud Al-Osaimi

97. Samer Abu Akar

98. Irfan Tansil

99. Hisham Al-Rayes

100. Salem Al-Hindi


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