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Final ribbon-cuttings close out two-day celebration blitz

IN THE PHOTO, District Commander Col. Zachary Miller, district leadership, and the project delivery team met with the project partner, Eight Mile Drainage District of Greene County, in Arkansas, for a ribbon-cutting to celebrate a levee culvert and erosion repair project. (USACE Photo by Vance Harris)

Posted on December 8, 2021

To close out the two-day sprint across five states, the Memphis District held two final ribbon-cutting ceremonies on Nov. 18, 2021. Both events celebrated construction projects completed in Arkansas and Missouri.

The first celebration acknowledged a project in Greene County, Arkansas. There, contractors addressed a damaged levee culvert and erosion caused by previous flood events.

Specifically, erosion limits had increased to within five feet of the levee crown, threatening the levee’s integrity.

“The new culvert is an offset 36-inch, double barrel, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) with a flap gate,” Project Manager Amber Jarnagin said. “Maintaining the levee’s ability to provide protection, especially at such drainage pipe locations, is crucial to ensuring the entire system works and helps prevent flooding of the area behind the levee.”

The Memphis District awarded a $1,691,550 contract to Graylee Construction and Demo. Construction started May 27, 2021, and was completed four months ahead of schedule on Nov. 12, 2021.

Many thanks to our partner, the Eight Mile Drainage District of Greene County, for their outstanding efforts in executing this project.

The second ribbon-cutting recognized a Missouri project in Stoddard and Butler Counties to repair a scour site downstream of the State Highway 51 and Union Pacific Railroad bridges. Unaddressed, the scour would have continued to erode the St. Francis River’s banks and threaten adjacent land.

A $1,373,915 contract went to Polk and Associates to armor the bank scour on the St. Francis River. Construction started Sept. 15, 2020, and wrapped up Aug. 26, 2021, ten months ahead of schedule.

Many thanks to our partner, the Inter River Drainage District, for their vital role in this project.

Congratulations to all involved for successfully executing each project, both safely and several months ahead of time at that!


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